2019 Peaces Of Me

Cheryl Oknefski

216 Main Street, Ridgway Pa 15853




We will have classes and vendors at Peaces of Me for the Yuletide Festival on November 30th

December 6th We will be participating in the Cheer Tour, we will have a delicious minty christmasy martini with CJ Spirits from Kane Sponsoring us!

December 7th will Be Peaces of Me's 3 year Anniversary Party come and check out upcoming events, prizes and class discounts! We will also have Reiki, Reflexology and other healers available and 2 Mediums Judy Gelsick and Beth Hornick (you will have to sign up for a mediumship/psychic reading).  

 Awaken The Gifts Within, It started Thursday, November 14th but you can start at anytime. Spiritual development is a journey within. A challenge we often face is learning to trust our gifts of the spirit, learning that you too can receive knowledge of divine guidance and unfold to your divine nature.

This weekly development circle will encourage the unfoldment of your gifts of clairvoyance (soul seeing), clairaudience (soul hearing), and clairsentience (soul knowing) to receive information and guidance from your divine source, the God of your own understanding. Working as a group, we will discover the joy of loving service to one another.

Each class will include:

· Prayer, relaxation/meditation

· Handouts with discussion and exercises

· An opportunity to unfold and share

Come join us for an inspiring weekly class and circle! Topics that will be covered will include: Prayer and meditation, sharpening your gifts, spirit art, psychometry, ribbon readings, scrying, the use of color, meeting your guides and teachers, being an instrument of service, soul to soul communication with our spirit loved ones, smoke readings, mediumship skills, psychic work, inspirational writing and much more.

Donation $10 per week.

This development circle will be based on the teachings of Rev. Judith Rochester, PhD and her book To Touch the Soul: How to Become a Medium.

A former teacher of philosophy, a Gestalt therapist and a writer for the Kundalini Research Institute of Canada, Judith has taught mediumship in Lily Dale for over twenty years. Dr. Rochester is an ordained minister with the Church of the Living Spirit, a retired registered medium and healer. Judith now dedicates her service to speaking, teaching and mentoring her students. Dr. Judith Rochester is known in the Lily Dale Spiritualist community as the “medium’s medium”.

Judy has had the honor to be a student of Dr. Rochester for five years. Judy coordinates workshops, serves as an assistant to Dr. Rochester’s workshops and services. Judy is so blessed to receive personal guidance and mentorship for the development of her spiritual gifts from Dr. Rochester.
Let me know if you are interested in this class $10 each week

Judy who teaches this class will have a friend (Beth Hornick) and herself at our anniversary party so let me know if you want to sign up for a reading, you will have the choice of 15 or 30 minutes.